Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Visitors Service work?

There is a charge for using Portuguese highways and, if you don't have a Via Verde transponder, you will have to stop at the toll gates or visit an agency later to make the payment.

If you have a Via Verde transponder, you can just go through a toll without stopping and the appropriate amount will be automatically charged to your credit card. If you join Via Verde, you will also be able to pay tolls in Spain. Your Via Verde transponder can be used on all Spanish highways covered by the Traveller service.

Who can sign up for the Visitors Service?

The Visitors plan is available to anyone with a non-portuguese credit card. This service is only available to individual customers with classes 1, 2 and 5 vehicles (find out here, which is your vehicle’s class).

Which payment methods can I use?

You must associate a valid international credit card to your Visitors Service account. Portuguese cards can’t be used in this service.

How much does the service cost?

The visitors service is subscription-based, with monthly payments that are only charged you use the Via Verde Services at least once during that month.

The first month costs €4.99 and subsequent months cost €1.43, with the option of receiving an electronic statement.

What are the available shipping options to receive a Via Verde Visitors transponder?

By subscribing to the Visitors plan, you may choose between three shipping options:

Shipping to Portugal (mainland)

  • Regular CTT Mail service: delivered in 5 days to an address of your choosing, with an additional cost of €2.99
  • Express Delivery (Homedelivery): delivered in 2 business days to an address of your choosing, with an additional cost of €5.99

Shipping abroad

  • International CTT Mail service: delivered in 15 days to an address of your choosing, with an additional cost of €5.99

What is the difference between the Visitors Service and the other methods Via Verde makes available?

Via Verde Leve and Via Verde Livre (Monthly and Yearly) are only available for use with debit cards issued by banks operating in Portugal.

The Visitors Services only accepts credit card, which must be issued by an international (non-Portuguesese) entity.

Each method is intended for use by different types of Customers, with different Via Verde Services needs: Via Verde Livre (Monthly and Yearly) for frequent use; Via Verde Leve for occasional use, both for Customers with Portuguese debit cards. Visitors has been designed specially for foreign (non-Portuguese) Customers by associating a credit card for payment.

What is the Via Verde transponder for?

The Via Verde transponder gives you access to automatic payment for Via Verde Services. Visitors allows you to use the Highway (in Portugal) and Traveller services (Spanish highways).

What are the toll payment systems in Portugal?

There are two toll payment systems in Portugal: the traditional system, with barriers; and the gate system, with electronic toll payment (Multi Lane Free Flow - MLFF system).

In both cases, Via Verde allows you to keep driving, without stopping to pay.

If you do not have a Via Verde transponder, the driver must make the payment manually for highways with barriers, or by visiting CTT post offices for the MLFF system highways.

Where can I use the Via Verde Visitors transponder?

The visitors transporder can be used for Highway and Traveller services.

Can the Visitors transponder be used on all Portuguese highways?

Yes. Via Verde is the only way to guarantee access and universal electronic payment throughout the Portuguese toll road network and the Spanish highway network where the Traveller service is available, as long as the transponder is properly linked to a valid credit card and vehicle registration.

Can I change the credit card associated with my Visitors transponder?

Yes. At you can replace the associated credit card, quickly and easily, by clicking on “Change Credit Card”.

Does the Visitors Service have a loyalty period?

No. The subscription only requires the associated monthly payments, in accordance with current pricing. You may terminate your contract whenever you like (see cancellation terms).

How long does it take for the transponder to be delivered?

By subscribing to the Visitors plan, which is available at Via Verde’s website, you will receive your transponder in 5 days at the latest (if you choose the regular CTT Mail service) for Mainland Portugal deliveries. If you require international shipping (outside Mainland Portugal), delivery may take up to 15 days with an additional cost of €5.99.

I have received my transponder. Can I start using it?

Yes, you can start using your transponder as soon as you receive it.

I haven't received my transponder. What should I do?

So that we can help you more easily, we suggest you contact our Customer Services helpline: +351 210 730 300, available between 08:30am and 08:30pm (business days).

Can I use my transponder on any vehicle?

Yes. You can change the associated license plate at any time, by accessing Vehicles and Transponders at website.

What billing options are available?

The Visitors Service provides an electronic statement with the chosen regularity, which you can view in your account area on the Via Verde website. It is also sent to the email address you have provided in the contract.

If you would like to receive a paper statement, you should make the change by accessing the contracts area on You will be charged the corresponding monthly fee, as defined in the current Price Table.

When is the Service use fee charged?

It is charged on a daily basis.

If I cancel the contract do I have to return the transponder?

In case of cancellation, the transponder must be returned to Via Verde within 30 days, or a payment of €15 will be due.

Where and how can I return the Via Verde Transponder?

You only need to return the Via Verde transponder if you cancel the contract with Via Verde.

Two options are available:

1) Send the transponder and cancellation request signed by the holder to the following address: Via Verde Portugal SA Quinta da Torre da Aguilha - Edifício Via Verde 2785-599, São Domingos de Rana.

2) Go to one of our stores. Find the locations at

If you only want to stop using the transponder temporarily, just change or delete the vehicle registration if required.

You can leave it active without any additional costs, only pay when you use it and you can use it whenever you visit Portugal or use the network of Spanish highways forming part of the interoperability project with Via Verde.

I passed through the Via Verde toll gate in a vehicle without a transponder or without paying. What should I do?

Just to go the Toll Payment portal and follow the instructions -

For ex-SCUT highway payments, go to, enter your details and use the ATM reference to make payment.

I have a Via Verde transponder and a Via T transponder. Can I keep using both?

No, you could be charged twice for the same vehicle. You must always choose one of these options for your vehicle: Via Verde transponder or Via T transponder.

I have changed my car, what should I do?

At in your account area "A Minha Via Verde" > Veículos e Identificadores>Alterar Matricula, you can change the registration of the vehicle associated with the Via Verde transponder.

The yellow light came on when I went through the toll. What should I do?

Start by checking if you have any alerts in My Via Verde > Message Centre, through the website or Via Verde App, and following the instructions provided there.

If there is no alert in your account area, please check the following:

1. Your transponder is properly associated with a credit card.

2. The registration associated with the vehicle in question is correct/up-to-date. You can check or change the vehicle registration associated with the transponder at My Via Verde > Vehicle and Transponders. See all the steps to change the associated vehicle registration in this video.

3. The transponder is properly attached to the windscreen of your vehicle, or, for motorcycles, in the pouch provided. Learn the steps for correctly attaching the Tag to vehicles or motorcycles in "How do I attach the transponder to my vehicle?"​​​​​​

What is the Traveller service?

Traveller is a Service with no loyalty period which allows you to quickly and easily make automatic payments for toll charges on the network of highways in Spain where the Via Verde Service is available.

I want to deactivate the Traveller service. What should I do?

You can deactivate the Traveller service whenever you like. To do so, simply notify Via Verde Portugal by one of the available means:

Using the form on the Via Verde website;

By calling the Customer Services helpline on +351 210 730 300, available between 08:30am and 08:30pm (business days).

How do I attach the transponder to my vehicle?

For technical reasons, the transponder must be installed on the inside of the windscreen. This is the ideal position between the transponder and the antenna to ensure a correct transaction.

Athermic windscreen

Some vehicles have athermic windscreens, to prevent heat entering. For this purpose there is a black perforated area, next to the rear view mirror, and the tag must be placed inside that area.

Heavy vehicles

The transponder should be attached to the lower vertical part of the inside of the windscreen.


On motorcycles, the transponder should be placed inside a pouch provided by Via Verde on signing up.

We recommend using the pouch on the left arm, above the elbow. Alternatively, you can use it on your wrist or on the handlebar of your bike.

The transponder must be placed inside the pouch, with the self-adhesive tab facing outwards.

Using the transponder in your hand is contrary to driving safety regulations.

If in doubt, contact the vehicle maker to clarify the correct positioning of the transponder.

How much does Via Verde membership cost?

You can consult the Pricing Table with all the details here.