Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the Go Toll and Go Toll & Beyond plans work?

Portuguese motorways are paid and, if you do not have a Via Verde subscription, you will have to stop at toll booths or go to an entity later to settle your payment.

By subscribing to one of these modalities, simply pass through any toll without stopping and the associated amount will be automatically charged to the associated payment method.

Who can join the Go Toll and Go Toll & Beyond modalities?

These plans are a solution for customers who do not have a bank account or Portuguese license plates.

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Which payment methods can I use?

You must associate a valid international credit card to your Visitors Service account. Portuguese cards can’t be used in this service.

What are the costs associated with these plans?

You can consult our Price List here.

What is the difference between these plans and the others that Via Verde has available?

These plans are a solution for customers who do not have a bank account or Portuguese license plates.

Find out more about these modalities here

Are the Go Toll and Go Toll & Beyond plans applicable to all portuguese highways?

Yes. Via Verde is the only option that guarantees universal access and electronic payment across the entire Portuguese toll motorway network as long as it is duly associated with a valid means of payment and registration.

Can I change the payment method associated with Go Toll and Go Toll & Beyond?

Yes. At you can change the associated payment method, quickly and conveniently, by accessing “Alterar meio de Pagamento”.

Can I use my transponder/ On-board unit in any vehicle?

Yes. You can change the license plate to which your on-board unit is associated at any time, simply by accessing “Veículos e Identificadores”, at

When is the Service use fee charged?

Debits are made weekly.

Billing instructions to the Bank will be sent every Monday, apart from public holidays, when they will be sent on the first following business day.

In the case of credit cards, charges are made daily.

Where can I see which tolls I have been charged?

In your reserved area in “Movimentos e Extratos”, you can consult your statements, as well as all movements made in the last 6 months

Where and how can I return the Via Verde Transponder?

If you wish to return your transponder, as part of a renewal/replacement or deactivation, you can do so to the following address:

Via VerdePortugal/Directimedia

Estrada de Queluz nr.91

2794-101 Carnaxide

I have a Via Verde transponder and a Via T transponder. Can I keep using both?

No, you could be charged twice for the same vehicle. You must always choose one of these options for your vehicle: Via Verde transponder or Via T transponder.

I have changed my car, what should I do?

In your reserved area in “Veículos e Identificadores”, you can change the vehicle registration number associated

The yellow light came on when I went through the toll. What should I do?

Start by checking if you have any alerts in My Via Verde > Message Centre, through the website or Via Verde App, and following the instructions provided there.

If there is no alert in your account area, please check the following:

1. Your transponder is properly associated with a credit card.

2. The registration associated with the vehicle in question is correct/up-to-date. You can check or change the vehicle registration associated with the transponder at My Via Verde > Vehicle and Transponders. See all the steps to change the associated vehicle registration in this video.

3. The transponder is properly attached to the windscreen of your vehicle, or, for motorcycles, in the pouch provided. Learn the steps for correctly attaching the Tag to vehicles or motorcycles in "How do I attach the transponder to my vehicle?"​​​​​​

How do I attach the transponder to my vehicle?

For technical reasons, the transponder must be installed on the inside of the windscreen. This is the ideal position between the transponder and the antenna to ensure a correct transaction.

Athermic windscreen

Some vehicles have athermic windscreens, to prevent heat entering. For this purpose there is a black perforated area, next to the rear view mirror, and the tag must be placed inside that area.

Heavy vehicles

The transponder should be attached to the lower vertical part of the inside of the windscreen.


On motorcycles, the transponder should be placed inside a pouch provided by Via Verde on signing up.

We recommend using the pouch on the left arm, above the elbow. Alternatively, you can use it on your wrist or on the handlebar of your bike.

The transponder must be placed inside the pouch, with the self-adhesive tab facing outwards.

Using the transponder in your hand is contrary to driving safety regulations.

If in doubt, contact the vehicle maker to clarify the correct positioning of the transponder.

Is it possible to change the associated vehicle to a different class?

To change the vehicle class, exclusive in the Go Toll plan, simply access the reserved area at Veículos e Identificadores

How long does it take for an identifier to be delivered?

You have 3 shipping options available:

Standard Shipping

Delivered via CTT, within a maximum period of 10 working days.

Express Shipping

Delivered in 2 working days, in mainland Portugal.

International shipping

Delivered within 15 working days.

For more information, consult the current price table.

Is there no on-board unit required on the Go Toll plan?

No. The Go Toll plan is a plan without an associated on-board unit, which allows you to use Portuguese motorways.

I subscribed the Go Toll plan. When can I use Via Verde?

Your trips will be processed via a photograph of the car registration number you indicated at the time of signing up. This processing may take a few days.

I subscribed the Go Toll plan. Is it normal to see the yellow light when passing the Via Verde toll barrier?

Yes. When signing up this modality, it is expected that you will see the yellow light when passing on the Via Verde.

You can check all your movements and payment status, in “Statements and Movements” in your reserved area on the Via Verde website.